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BoxSelect reserves the right to edit, add, and/or update these terms and conditions at any time.

Last Revision: February 1st, 2012

Acceptance of Terms and Services

By registering on our website, you comply and agree to our following terms which may be updated from time to time without notice to the user. You may always find the latest version of the Terms of Service on this page.

Privacy Policy

By using our service and website, you comply and agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy which may be updated from time to time without notice to the user. You may always find the latest version of the Privacy Policy Located Here.

User Registration

Before accessing the full features of BoxSelect, you'll need to register an account. Before completing our registration, you understand and comply to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
This includes: (1) Complying with our rules; (2) Provide true and accurate information; (3) Maintain and update your personal information as needed. Users found to be providing false, inaccurate information, or breach / violate the rules, may have their account suspended or permanently terminated without their consent.

Site Changes

BoxSelect, under its sole discretion, may change, edit, modify, or add features to the website. All changes and the effects of changes will be announced within our news section. Any changes to the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service will be effective on the posting date. Users registered prior to the changes accept any alterations, and confirm your agreement to the announced modifications.

While Using BoxSelect

During the use of our site, you will NOT:
- Violate the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and/or U.S. laws.
- Use our services if temporarily or indefinitely suspended from using our sites / services.
- Post malicious or inappropriate content.
- Display or post spam throughout our website.
- Upload inappropriate images.
- Distribute viruses or malicious content that may harm the BoxSelect website or its users.
- Post false, inaccurate, misleading information on listing pages or personal information.
- Fail to proceed with payment following a purchase of an item, unless the seller suddenly changed the item description, or provides false personal information.
- Fail to ship items purchased by sellers, unless the buyer fails to meet the listing terms or uses inaccurate personal information.
- Purposely disrupt or interfere with other users listings.
- Posting inaccurate information while leaving feedback.
- Sell or transfer your BoxSelect account without our consent.

User Abuse

BoxSelect strives to continuously keep our community protected and our service working properly. The staff at BoxSelect asks that you please report any potential threats or violations to our terms. You may notify us, by submitting a support ticket.

By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you understand that we may immediately suspend or terminate your right to use the BoxSelect service. Upon the termination of a users account, we may enduringly delete all of your content/information and any content that may associate back to you. BoxSelect also has the right to delete any unconfirmed accounts which may have been pending for a period of time. Users caught violating or trying to evade the suspended time period may result in a permanent suspension.

Fees & Services

Registering on the BoxSelect website, using our social services, joining competitions, and bidding on listed items is free.

Listing items and the BoxSelect Pro Membership costs credits. Credits may be purchased within your MyBox page. Depending on the listing type, the cost of credits of your listing may rise. You're responsible for paying all fees in a responsible and timely manner with a valid form of payment. You agree and confirm that all payments to BoxSelect for credits or BoxPro Membership are final, and no refunds may be made.

BoxSelect acts a service to connect both buyers and sellers, thus we will not be held responsible for any item(s) not shipped after payment has been made. We ask that you please look at the users membership, registration date, feedback, level, and their activity throughout the site. The BoxSelect support team and payment providers will do our best to refund you accordingly. Users attempting to scam will be permanently banned from our service.

Listing Conditions

By listing items on BoxSelect, you agree to comply and pay any credit fees. You are fully responsible for any content uploaded and item offered for sale. By registering on the BoxSelect website, you understand and comply with the following listing terms: (1) Items listed by you, can be publicly viewed on the BoxSelect website, and may also be viewed in "View Listings (2) Depending on the server load; your listing may not be instantly searchable. (BoxSelect will not and cannot guarantee when your listing will be active, thus your listing duration may be effected.) (3) Where your listing appears, depends on the listing details you provide. Such as, "Category "Name of Item "Item Brand and "Auction Length; we do our best to get our users the best advertisement time as possible with our relevancy feature. Make sure when you list your item, you're accurate about your item details.

User Submissions

On the BoxSelect website you may upload and display user avatars, user backgrounds, post comments, feedback, profile shares, suggestions and links. By uploading your content you understand and confirm that: (1) You own or have permission from the content owner; (2) Any content uploaded is visible publicly on the site and may be seen elsewhere. (3) BoxSelect reserves the right to publicly publish your username that corresponds to your submissions. BoxSelect does not review all user profile pictures submitted and uploaded. However, we may remove any content, with or without your permission. The following categories but not limited to, deem inappropriate. (1) Malicious; (2) Abusive; (3) Obscene; (4) Violation our terms or privacy policies; (5) Violation to users rights or personal privacy.

Account Security

You take full responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of your username and password on the BoxSelect website. You are responsible for any and all activity that takes place from your account. To read more in-depth about user security, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


By registering an account on the BoxSelect website, you have confirmed your agreement to these Terms of Service. This policy may change time from time, and we may do so without notice to the user. All changes will be posted on this page. You confirm and agree to such changes, and we ask you regularly check this page for updates.

Additional Information

BoxSelect welcomes all concerns, questions or comments about our Terms of Service. Feel free to open a support ticket about this policy at any time!