Privacy Policy

BoxSelect's Privacy Policy

BoxSelect reserves the right to edit, add, and/or update this privacy policy at any time.

Last Revision: February 1st, 2012

Collection of Information

You may browse the BoxSelect website without registering or sending us any personal information. When you, (the user) registers on our website (BoxSelect), BoxSelect saves and stores certain information about you upon completing the registration.

Upon a successful registration, we will save, not limited to, the following information:
- First Name
- Last Name
- Email Address
- Country
- IP Address

Before successfully listing an item, Physical Contact Information must be collected, which includes the following:
- Street Address
- City/Town
- State/County
- ZIP/Postcode
- Contact Number
- PayPal Email

The following information may also be saved:
- Information collected while you list, sell, bid, and purchase information which links to your account.
- Share discussions, chat discussions, forum discussions, and support ticket information.
- User profile pictures and profile backgrounds used to enhance the creativity of a users profile.
- Social networking settings displayed on users profiles.
- Purchasing transactions during the event of buying credits for listing fees and or BoxSelect Pro Membership.
- In the case of a dispute, BoxSelect may require further information to help justify the situation.

Use of Information

User information is collected to help create a unique and protected environment for BoxSelect users.
You agree that BoxSelect may use your information, in the ways listed below:
- Maintain the service you request
- Transfer of Physical Contact Information in the case of a purchased or sold item
- Physical contact information is necessary to successfully ship or purchase an item. Therefore; (BoxSelect will only send your complete shipping information to another user; if you bought or sold any product you list while using our service.) Information is transferred through our secure private messaging system and our emailing service
- Help resolve support issues and resolve problems
- Help detect and anticipate potential threats, malicious, or illegal activities
- Receive funds or overdue fees
- Enhance and create a customizable service, to overall improve our services
- Change our advertising techniques, or content
- Contact you about our services, to further improve marketing, website expansions/updates, and BoxSelect promotional offers
- Discuss and compare user information for expansion and future marketing ideas
- Information will never be sold or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties without the approval of the user at the time of collection.

Public Display of Information

When you register on the BoxSelect website, you're given a unique ID.
The ID assigned to you, is available for public view, and links to all of your activity through our service.
Anyone is capable of seeing your name, username, user profile picture / profile background, profile friends, profile shares, listings, purchased items, and feedback.

Disclosure of Your Information

BoxSelect may disclose your personal information in the following instances:
- The enforcing of our Terms of Service
- Legal engagements and actions
- Interacting with support claims that openly violate our terms or rights of other users
- Protecting users property, rights, and overall their safety

Using Information Given from BoxSelect

While using BoxSelect's services to sell or purchase items, you're given personal information of other users to finalize transactions. We urge when given users information you DO NOT disclose their information to any other party, and respect that user's privacy.

If you are found to be sharing information on a user such as their shipping address, your account will be suspended and/or terminated. BoxSelect cannot guarantee the motive or the practices used by your trading partner.
Before entering a purchase, check the user's feedback, current level, and check for BoxSelect Pro Membership, these indicators will help you determine if the seller may be trustworthy or not.

You agree to use other user's information in the following ways:
- Using services through BoxSelect
- To finalize a purchase or sale through our auction system
- Shipping of any items purchased

Changing of Personal Information

You may change your personal or profile information at any time by logging in, entering your "My Box" page, and going to the following two pages:
- Personal Information
- Profile Settings


Cookies are used on the BoxSelect website in the following ways:
- Allowing you to remain logged in without entering your username/password credentials

Account Security and Protection

Your password in terms of security is everything. To ensure your security on our website, we ask that you use creative passwords. Use numbers, and special characters to help strengthen your password.

We strongly suggest that you DO NOT hand out your BoxSelect password at any time. If you decide to share your password, keep in mind that you are responsible for all actions made by your account.
If your account for some reason gets taken over, contact BoxSelect support immediately.

If you simply forgot your password, Click Here to use the forgot password tool.


Ensuring the security of our users and keeping the service online is our top priority at BoxSelect. To help ensure this; we use the latest technology to monitor networking traffic and unauthorized attempts of harm.

We secure your information using very thorough procedures, policies, firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypted connections. However, as a perfect security system does not exist, BoxSelect is not responsible for any kind of illegal interception or violation of its systems or databases by non-authorized parties and BoxSelect does not make any responsibility in the use of the information obtained by those mentioned cases.


By using the BoxSelect website, you have given us your consent to the use and collection of your information explained in this Privacy Policy. This policy may change time from time, and we may do so without the notice of the user. All changes will be posted on this page. You confirm and agree to such changes, and we ask you regularly check this page for updates.

Additional Information

BoxSelect welcomes all concerns, questions or comments about our Privacy Policy. Feel free to open a support ticket about this policy at any time!