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>> By becoming a BoxSelect PRO member, you'll inherit certain perks that enhance your experience at BoxSelect. Additionally, you're ensuring the continual development and growth of our community. <<
$5 per month, $49 per year

Why Upgrade?

1. Give Yourself a Stronger Name -

- With the PRO Title and Icon, it helps give users even more re-assurance that you're a trustworthy seller and buyer.

2. Pro Contests & Giveaways -

- Never miss a competition again! BoxPro members are eligible for all our contests.

3. Stand Out on Search Pages -

- While using our search feature, allow your items to stand out with a nice shade of yellow to distinguish yourself from regular listings. Secondly, be a part of the "Pro" Search function that allows users to see items listed by our supporters.

4. Double Your Inbox -

- Double your inbox capacity; Store up to 500 messages, rather than the standard 250.

5. Free Credits -

- We'll add 3 credits to your account at the beginning of each month (up to a $3 value on its own); Depending on the length of your Pro Membership, you may see a few more every month.

6. Additional Features -

- More perks to the Pro Membership will always be added. To stay up to date on the latest additions, make sure to check this page frequently. Announcements will also be made to ensure you're always updated.

All payments made to BoxSelect are final. If you have any questions, please read our Terms of Service; any additional questions or comments may be requested through a Support Ticket. Thank you for your support.