About BoxSelect


BoxSelect About Launched in July 2011, BoxSelect is a place where the items go beyond the listings, a place where the sellers and buyers are more than just blue, underlined name, a place that offers a sense of security when you shop for what you want - and what you need.


- Our Mission

The mission of BoxSelect is to develop, market, and maintain an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can create trusting business relationships, while maintaining industry-leading pricing and usability. Always keeping our users first is a priority to us. Our users and their feedback is our most important asset.


- Our Summary

BoxSelect features as an online auction site that incorporates social aspects and community features we tend to love. In another words, you have the ability to sell unwanted items, or maybe find that special gift for someone, yet with the addition of competitions, community forums, customizable profiles, BoxSelect Pro Membership, stat contests, share system, friends, user gallery, free give aways, and most importantly a dedicated staff team willing to help you.

The difference between BoxSelect and other online auction websites is that BoxSelect is focused solely on our customers. We have a very active development team constantly adding new features to the site, and every single user requested feature is reviewed, and most of them are added to the website. Online sales is a constantly growing and evolving market and we plan to follow the market and have a constantly evolving website and staff to keep with modern trends and maintain a growing market share.


- What is it all about?

BoxSelect has been founded on the principle that our user's feedback is our greatest asset. By basing our whole website on this, we can go as far as our users will allow us to go, and want us to go. Think that your opinion doesn't matter? It does to us. If you have ANY suggestions, feature requests, etc., we have a public bug tracker and feature request manager that will let you see our progress on bugs and new features at http://www.boxselect.com/bugs

BoxSelect is a privately owned and operated company, and not a corporate conglomerate, we work for our user base. We want to hear what you have to say; We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and how you think we can improve.

BoxSelect is cheaper. Since we are a private company and not a corporate monster, we are all about running efficiently and making the best use of our money. This is why our auctions only cost one credit, and depending on how many credits you buy at a time, is less than a dollar. That's it. We don't want to take percentages of your sales, and never will. That is your money. Every friend you refer earns you a credit as well. If you refer 100 friends, you get 100 credits, and could sell 100 items. We don't charge you to list your item. Yes an auction cost one credit up front, but if the item does not sell, you get that credit back.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in now and customize your profile, browse the listings, and list your items! Remember, if they don't sell, you get your credit back and can relist the same or a different item.


- What seperates us from the competiton

- Keeping our users number one priority
- Running and operating a smooth service for our users
- Allowing our users to be unique and different
- Focusing on listening to our community
- Adding new, and enhancing current features
- Keeping our community alerted with updates, promotions and contests
- Giving back to our community
- Contests and competitions

The Team

- Meet the people that make BoxSelect possible

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